Tall Ships Victoria Inc was established in 2006 to promote, coordinate, support and facilitate the activities of tall ships within Victoria.

Go ahead and  explore the tall ships news and activities we have gathered together, and join us in person at Docklands, Shed 2, if you can, or with your ideas and comments via our contact page

In January 2006 the restored 1874-built barque James Craig returned to Port Phillip and Melbourne, Australia, after an absence of 85 years. Salvaged and restored by the Sydney Heritage Fleet, James Craig is the only 19th Century restored square-rigger sailing in the Southern Hemisphere and the only one in the world sailing regularly in full commercial survey.

James Craig caught the imagination of those Victorians who saw her in 2006 and of the more than 2,000 people who sailed aboard her on the waters of Port Phillip.

To those who planned and organised her visit, her reception reinforced an idea hatched during the months of planning; Victorians should have their interest rekindled, on an on-going basis, in the heritage and significance of Tall Ships. It was such ships that brought Victoria its colonial population and carried the goods that allowed it to prosper.

Tall Ships Victoria Inc. was the result.

TSV’s aims are detailed elsewhere on this website, but they focus on creating awareness and opportunities for public involvement and participation in things related to that remarkable evolution of the age of wind-powered seafaring – the square-rigged ship.

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