Tall Ships Victoria

Our aims

To promote, co-ordinate, support and facilitate the activities of Tall Ships* within Victoria

  1. Working together with other Tall Ships, maritime groups and, where appropriate, business, government and other agencies, to raise public awareness of Tall Ships, their heritage and the cultural traditions they represent, and to create opportunities for public involvement and participation
  2. Initiating, supporting and assisting visits of Tall Ships to Victoria
  3. Engaging in financially viable projects that support existing Tall Ships and increase the number of Tall Ships operating in Victorian waters
  4. Acting as an information centre for news and information relating to Tall Ships
  5. Providing a forum for discussion, education and training related to Tall Ships
  6. Forming links with other national and international groups with similar aims

* Tall Ships Victoria normally follows the description of vessels as set out in Rule 2 of the Racing & Sailing Rules and Special Regulations used in events organised by Sail Training International