Tall Ships Victoria

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Tall Ships Victoria is a volunteer organisation, the co-ordinator of tall ship activity in Victoria. As such, TSV plans and arranges tall ship events, and its members are those who actively support TSV’s aims. It is not a ‘social’ club and its members tend to be hands-on supporters of TSV activities.

There are three levels of TSV Membership:
·        FOUNDER MEMBERS – Members who established TSV and continue to manage TSV activities and events. This membership category is closed.
·        AFFILIATED MEMBERS – Operators of tall ships or other heritage vessels in Victoria.
·        SENIOR MEMBERS – Those who support the aims of TSV.

APPLICATIONS for SENIOR MEMBERSHIP (Subscription for 2015/6 is $60) are welcomed and may be submitted to:
Peter Harris, President:   peter.harris@tallshipsvictoria.org   0427 829 134